Wednesday, 18 March 2009


18th century print depicting the caracters of different nations


  1. It's probably a good a idea to turn your back on Facebook. Good luck!

  2. Miszellen... mélanges... comme ceux de l'alchimiste. Cela vous va bien !

  3. I think this might be a better place for you anyway...FB is going too corporate for art historian anarchists like you anyways. Like Deleuze's rhizomating concepts, we should always be reinventing ourselves, changing, dynamic!

  4. Hello Gunther ! I'm in a corner !

  5. Hello Gunther,
    Maybe this blog is a good solution for you. But we can't let this inquisition on fabebook happen. We have to go against it. You are needed, you have to come back.

    All the best to you.
    Martin Pulaski

  6. Hi Gunther,
    Good to find you again...
    hope to see you back on facebook soon though
    I will be looking forward to reading your posts here as well.


  7. Thank you all - so nice to meet you again ;)))

  8. Lovely to see you again Gunther and good luck with the blog! :-))

    Nevertheless I miss your smiling face and infectious humour on FB ...

    Yes to Evolution AND Revolution!!

    come back soon ...

    marysia x

  9. Wir missen Dich so Günther !!!

  10. GAWD on a WHEEL!

    Thanks for opening the door for me on your way OUT Gunther!

    I am thinking uh takin' my stuff the hell outta FB (if I have a chance before they kick me out again ; )

    They should be paying you gobs of money for what you contribute to FB. YOU are my educational Mentor at this point darling! HOW DARE THEY!

    I am thinking of re-establishing my acct. with blogger too -
    I am more of a poster than a communicator anyhow.

    I suggest that you get back ON FB - retrieve all of your gorgeous things and dump THEM!

    It is so sad because I usually communicate on a regular basis with my nieces & nephews on FB..........grrrrrrrrr

    we are like 2 ships that pass in the night now ain't we kid?


  11. Nice that you have moved your tent to a more open place. FB reminds me of Kafka. Will miss you on it however. This seems like a solution. I guess we can conclude the fb is not 'cool' stuff. :))

  12. Vos contributions sur Facebook démontraient pour notre satisfaction, ce qu'on pouvait attendre de ce réseau .J'appréciais personnellement tant ces échanges que vous avez favorisés avec nos amis !!
    Je ne desespère pas d'un rétablissement rapide .
    A bientôt si vous le voulez bien !!
    Emma alias (Marie Jeanne Tacchi sur Fb)

  13. Thanks to you all - and nice to meet you again, Confetta (I lost you on FB a while ago)